Kläranlagen für jedes Haus in Rio de Janeiro

Kläranlagen für jedes Haus in Rio de Janeiro

Project Água Carioca: Diese Form der Wasseraufbereitung verhindert die Verschmutzung der Flüsse.

Constructed Wetlands are natural, self-sufficient and decentralized water treatment systems that imitate natural digestive processes in the way they allow microorganisms to unfold their purifying power. In close cooperation with Dutch experts in water technology and commissioned by various institutions across Europe, OOZE architects has realized several of such systems under various circumstances over recent years. The project Água Carioca makes use of this expertise and expands it: it analyses how Constructed Wetlands may contribute to improve water purification in the city of Rio de Janeiro and  more specifically in its informal settlements.
This exhibition shows intermediate results for four different neighbourhoods across the city: Maré, Morro do Salgueiro, Morro da Formiga, and Rio das Pedras. Each design speculates how Constructed Wetlands may look like when being implemented in distinct urban settings. The project has been carried out in close cooperation with inhabitants and received support of several non-governmental and governmental organizations.  Comments, questions and recommendations made by stakeholders are an integral part of the outcome. While maps and plans discuss physical potentialities and barriers, quotations of their remarks highlight institutional chances and challenges.

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